Markus Shulz

Salut tuturor,

Au fost cateva articole in presa in ultimul timp, in special in unele tabloide, care au creat o idee, care s-a propagat mai apoi si spre unele website-uri, cum ca piesa “Cold Shower” (Snatt & Vix feat Alexandra Badoi) ar fi semnata sau descoperita de catre Armin van Buuren. FALS!!!

Este adevarat ca Armin van Buuren este fondatorul Armada Music impreuna cu cei doi parteneri ai sai Maykel Piron si David Lewis, dar in caz ca unii nu stiu, ar trebui sa afle ca, “Coldharbour Recordings” are legatura cu “Armada Music” doar in ceea ce priveste partea de documente legale si distributie. Din punct de vedere muzical, “Coldharbour Recordings” este un label TOTAL INDEPENDENT, un mare brand care a fost creat pe baza muncii intense si a alegerii de trackuri de exceptie de catre Markus Schulz.

De fapt, chiar Markus Schulz este cel care a vazut un viitor in piesa noastra, si care a semnat-o la “Coldharbour Recordings”. Chiar el a facut un rework (un edit “Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction”) piesei, pentru a o face sa sune si mai de club, pentru seturile sale si mai ales pentru a intra pe compilatia sa, “Prague ’11”.

Din pacate anumiti editori de stiri sau articole isi accentueaza titlurile pe idei care sa faca senzatie si au anumite “scapari”. Ar fi nedrept sa dam creditul unei munci, altei persoane decat celei care s-a implicat din toate punctele de vedere, si a avut un aport important la succesul piesei de pana acum, Markus Schulz si evident, echipei noastre: Snatt, Vix, Alexandra Badoi. Nu mai putem face nimic sa schimbam in vreun fel raul facut, dar vrem sa ne prezentam dezacordul oficial vis-a-vis de dezinformarile din unele articole / stiri aparute in ultimul timp.

Markus Schulz, Heather Schulz, Tim Grube, Ariel Baund, Darren McNally, Angelique Bergere si tuturor din echipa Coldharbour Recordings, le prezentam scuzele noastre pentru neintelegerile aparute, si le multumim din nou pentru suportul lor considerabil.

Snatt / Vix / Alexandra Badoi

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[ English ]

hey people,

There have been some articles in the Romanian media lately, especially in tabloids, that spread some wrong words to many other websites, announcing our (Snatt & Vix feat. Alexandra Badoi) track “Cold Shower” as being signed by Armin van Buuren. Totally false!

It is true that Armin is the founder of Armada Music together with his other 2 parteners Maykel Piron and David Lewis, but in case you don’t know this, you need to know that Coldharbour Recordings runs as a record label via Armada Music only in terms of legal documents and distribution. Musical-wise Coldharbour is a totally independent label, a great brand that was built on hard work and with great releases picked by the one and only man behind it – Markus Schulz.

In fact, it is Markus Schulz who noticed our tune, considered it worth and then signed it to his label Coldharbour. He even made a rework (the famous ‘Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction’ edits) of the track to make it sound more cluby for his sets and especially for his new compilation entitled “Prague ’11”.

Too bad that some Romanian editors focused their articles and especially the titles on revealing some untruthful facts concerning our production. It’s not fair to those who really got involved and contributed to the (so far) success of this project except our team (Snatt, Vix, Alexandra Badoi). We can hardly change the harm that has already been done, but we wish to clarify things and express our indignation towards the latest statements promoted in the local media.

Markus Schulz, Heather Schulz, Tim Grube, Ariel Baund, Darren McNally, Angelique Bergere and the rest of the Coldharbour Recordings team, please accept our appologies for the misunderstanding and thank you again for your considerable support!

Yours truly,

Snatt / Vix / Alexandra Badoi

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